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Meet Spade
Bridge the gap between your business and your development team by using Spade's simple interface to automate frequent business tasks.
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What it is

Spade is an innovative, open-source interface designed to manage data processing effortlessly and make it efficient for everyone. It bridges the gap between business needs and developer capabilities, offering a versatile and easy to deploy solution for interfacing with any type of data workflow.

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Leverage Python’s power in Spade for dynamic data processing, utilising its vast libraries for flexible, powerful solutions.

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Spade is built on open-source principles, fostering community-driven enhancements and helping shape its future capabilities.

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Built with security in mind, as it integrates with your ecosystem ensuring your data remains safe and compliant.

Who is it for

For data-centric users looking to streamline their workflows

Data Analysts and Scientists utilize Spade for streamlined backend task execution through a simple, one-click interface. This approach enhances analytical capabilities without requiring deep technical expertise.

For developers looking to simplify processing complexities

Developers use Spade to create intuitive interfaces for complex backend systems, facilitating quicker adjustments and development cycles. Spade's flexibility empowers developers to enhance user experience without compromising on functionality.

For administrators looking to automate tedious back-end management tasks

Administrators leverage Spade to automate commands to backend infrastructure, reducing human error. Tasks that once required manual input can now be executed with precision and ease.

For business users without much
technical knowledge

Business users without technical knowledge can rely on Spade to upload files and execute processes seamlessly. With minimal skills required, Spade simplifies workflows, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Spade is an innovative, open-source framework built in Python and designed to make data processing ingestion effortless and efficient for everyone. It bridges the gap between business needs and developer capabilities, offering a versatile and easy to deploy solution for your data tasks.

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User-Friendly Interface

Navigate through Spade's features with an intuitive interface that simplifies complex processes.

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Use the full power of python to code your processing.

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Uploading files & executing Processes

Spade can also integrate with powerful workflow tools, like Apache Airflow, or anything you can integrate with Python.

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Customisable forms

Configure the forms related to the files and processes using JSON. No coding required!

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Cross-Platform Interoperability

Effortlessly use Spade across various operating platforms and systems with full support for Docker and Kubernetes.

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Designed to grow with your business, from small projects to enterprise-scale operations.

How it works

Spade offers the flexibility to create custom modules, allowing full customisation and seamless integration into your data processing workflows. It's designed for ease of use for data-centric users and deep customisation by back-end developers. Additionally, the open-source community around Spade will be a treasure trove of modules and solutions. You can engage with it to enhance your Spade setup, solving common challenges and improving your workflow with shared innovations.

Quick startTo get Spade up and running all you need is docker-compose

	curl -O
	docker-compose up

	or depending on your Docker compose version it might be:

	docker compose up
	Spade will start at http://localhost:8080


Why is it free?
At CRU we're experts in commodities. We built Spade as a tool to help us continue providing unrivalled industry insights, but we realised that the problems we're trying to address with it are generic to any business, and there's no open-source solution to then yet. So we built one, and we're sharing it with a hope that our work is appreciated and the community gives back in contributions
Is it really free?
Yes, it's as free as it can be, as all components are licensed under GPL or LGPL license.
How can I contribute or report a bug?
We welcome all suggestions, reports and contributions that make Spade better. For details see: Support | Spade (